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At Kelowna, BC, 2015

I’m an agile B2B SaaS product manager (a bit into the technical side as well), product owner, and a transportation technologist, helping businesses to be more productive, efficient, and profitable and enabling them to use the right tools and technology to solve everyday problems. 

I created B2B SaaS products to empower business users to save time and effort and solve complex engineering problems in transportation engineering. With over seven years of experience in product management, I have extensively performed quantitative data analyses and prepared visualizations, metrics and presented my insights on products to the stakeholders and coworkers.

I started my career as a researcher in atmospheric science, where I picked up quite a bit of data analytical techniques digging high-definition raw satellite data. Back then, a specific programming language called IDL(Interactive Data Language) was heavily used for data analysis. Later, I got into transportation engineering studying traffic forecast and congestion on roads that gave me ample experience in understanding data and visualization techniques. I am also a self-taught programmer in both front-end and back-end technologies and a user of data visualization software, Tableau.

Through this newsletter, my goal is to present data and business analytical tips and data-driven decision-making techniques around the above-mentioned topics. I believe analytical skill for product managers is one of the must-have traits these days, and it can be achieved through learning one new technique at a time, constantly.

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